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Housing and Real Estate

Residential Housing

Residential HousingFriendly people, low cost of living and clean air are just some of the benefits found in the rural lifestyle.

Add in solitude and tranquillity, the true beauty of a prairie sunset, the star studded glory of the evening sky - plus the meandering Wood River made famous by Canadian songwriter Connie Kaldor - and you have a glimpse of what Gravelbourg has to offer.

The community is a blend between old and new - with a wide variety of housing accommodations to suit every budget. This includes apartments, mobile homes, seniors' housing, a nursing home, single-family homes and duplexes. All town streets are paved and most have sidewalks.

New Residential Subdivision

New residential subdivison
A new residential subdivision has been developed at the south end of town, with lots available for the construction of single-family dwellings.

This subdivision provides an unobstructed view of the prairie vista surrounding Gravelbourg - and a close-up of the 'living skies' in the evening.

Family Non-Profit Housing

Family "non-profit" housing is situated at the southeast corner of Gravelbourg in the form of 12 duplexes. The Gravelbourg Housing Authority administers this development.


Cornet Agencies Inc.

Contact Cornet Agencies at (306) 648-3456 or visit for details.

Retirement Options

New residential subdivison
Your retirement dreams can come true with a home in the Gravelbourg region. Your options include new residential subdivisions, family non-profit housing, and housing for seniors over the age of 60 at the Pioneer Villa.

Please visit the Retirement Options for more information.

Housing Incentives

Residential Property (Resolution #523/97):

  1. An approved dwelling moved into town is eligible for a thirty six (36) month tax exemption from the date of arrival.
  2. A new dwelling constructed in town is eligible for a thirty six (36) month tax exemption from date of habitation.

The Town of Gravelbourg will be pleased to work with potential residents in identifying housing options to best fit their needs. An inventory of abandoned farmhouses is currently being developed to assist those individuals or families who may want to consider moving a heritage property into the community.