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Health Care Services

Gravelbourg is a member of the and is pleased to provide a cross-section of health care services right in the community.

St. Joseph's Hospital/Foyer d'Youville

St. Joseph's Hopital/Foyer d'YouvilleThe modern St. Joseph's Hospital/Foyer d'Youville is a fully accredited integrated facility that officially opened on November 5, 1996.

The acute care wing provides:

For more information contact (306) 648-3185 or visit .


Medical Office
Gravelbourg is fortunate to have three doctors working in the community. For more information contact the medical office of Dr. Larita Ramlakhan or Dr. Intheran Pillay at (306) 648-4505 or Dr. David Coneys at (306) 648-3387.


AmbulanceA 24-hour, two-ambulance service operates from Gravelbourg and operates within a 60-km radius of town. The service includes 3 full-time EMT's and 8 part-time staff.

Patient transfers to hospitals in Moose Jaw and Regina are also undertaken. The ambulance is in radio contact with St. Joseph's Hospital.

For more information contact (306) 648-3185 or visit

Community Health Services

Two local Public Health Nurses provide services to people of all ages as individuals, families, or groups. Their services include:

Local residents also benefit from the services of a Dental Health Educator, a Nutritionist, a Public Health Inspector, a Mental Health Social Worker and an Addictions Worker. Numerous services are also available on a referral basis, such as:

For more information contact the Public Health Office at (306) 648-1400.

Massage Therapy

Gravelbourg Massage Therapies

For more information contact Robert Myles at (306) 648-2824.

Morin's Therapeutic Massage

For more information contact Wayne Morin at (306) 648-2535.


Dr. Pat Simmons

For more information contact (306) 648-2824.


Central Avenue Physiotherapy

For more information contact (306) 648-3387 or (306) 773-8313.

Gravelbourg Bon Ami, Inc

In 1984, a group of interested citizens formed the Gravelbourg Bon Ami, Inc Board of Directors to achieve the goal of providing services to adults with intellectual disabilities. Private Citizens, service clubs, and community groups worked together to raise funds to purchase a facility for an Activity Centre. On April 17, 1986, approval and funding was received from the government for the construction of an Activity centre and a Group Home. On September 1, 1987, the activity centre, under the name of Industrie Prairie Industries (IPI) opened. In June 1988, Gravelbourg Bon Ami, Inc agreed to open a SARCAN depot on its premises. A group home for six people was built and opened on January 2, 1990. The residential program expanded in September 1994 to provide support services for individuals who wanted to live on their own in the community.

The Activity Centre, IPI, provides a quality of life program and work projects for its clientele. The work projects include detailed car care services - interior and exterior cleaning of vehicles, waxing of the exterior and interior shampooing, making of cleaning rags, used oil, filters and oil container recycling, janitorial services and paper/cardboard recycling.

The SARCAN depot accepts legislated beverage containers and refunds the deposit paid by consumers on these products. It also accepted the voluntary return of milk jugs and cartons, TVs and computers.

Gravelbourg Bon Ami, Inc provides a community drop off for used household goods (no furniture or large appliances), clothing, books and games which are sold at scheduled garage sales to raise funds for capital costs.

Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday

8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Tuesday to Saturday

9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

*Paper/Cardboard 24 hour drop off in paper shed
*Donated Good 24 hour drop off located by garbage bins

For more information contact (306) 648-3166.

Leclaires' Approved Private-Service Home

Leclaires' Approved Private-Service HomeLeclaires' Approved Private-Service Home (APSH) has been home for individuals with intellectual disabilities for more than 13 years. It is located at 102 5th Avenue West.

The purpose of the home is to provide a supportive family living environment for individuals with intellectual disabilities. The Leclaire home enable residents to experience family living in a community setting with the opportunity to develop social, recreational and living skills according to their ability.

Licensed under the Residential Service Act and the Private-Service Homes Regulations, the Leclaire Home has met all of the following criteria and has renewed their license annually:

For more information contact (306) 648-2102.