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Arts and Culture

Summer Solstice Festival

Summer Solstice FestivalCulture, heritage and spirituality blend at the annual Summer Solstice Festival.

This inclusive cultural event builds on the role of Summer Solstice over the past hundreds of years and reinforces the spirit of southern Saskatchewan. We invite visitors to experience a ‘celebration of the sol’ with a diverse weekend of musical, literary and performing arts programming.

Visit the Summer Solstice Festival section for more information.

Gravelbourg & District Museum  |  300 Main Street

Gravelbourg and District MuseumDevoted to the history of Gravelbourg and the stories of its people, the museum contains a collection of early pioneer memorabilia including extensive artifacts from Gravelbourg's earliest residents. People profiled include Monsignor Charles Maillard, Dr. J. A Soucy and Father Pierre Gravel.

The Gravelbourg and District Museum is open seven days a week during the months of June through August. Guided Tours are available (in both official languages) of Gravelbourg's historic sites leave from the Tourist Centre located at the museum during these particular months.

To access the Museum or to arrange for a tour from October through to May, please contact the Gravelbourg Town Office at (306) 648-3301 (during regular work hours).

Centre Culturel Maillard  |  133 5th Avenue East

Centre Culturel MaillardConstructed in 1985, the Centre is a testament to Gravelbourg's vibrant Francophone community.

Built in order to assure the preservation of the French language and culture for the future generations, the Centre includes an auditorium, banquet hall, and a French language bookstore, carrying books, records and cards. It is also the home of the Association Communautaire Fransaskoise de Gravelbourg and the Association Culturelle Franco-Canadienne de la Saskatchewan.

For more information contact (306) 648-3103 or visit .

Gaiety Theatre  |  412 Main Street

Gaiety TheatreBuilt in the late 40's, this heritage theatre of Gravelbourg is now an inspiration.

Renovated and restored in 2000 to those original glory days, the theatre is once again open for acts of all kind.

It is one of the last remaining movie theatres in rural southern Saskatchewan.

Chinook Regional Library  |  Gravelbourg Elementary School

Gravelbourg is served by the Chinook Regional Library, which has 35 branches throughout the southwestern part of the province. The Gravelbourg Branch Library has over 2,500 books that are exchanged on a routine basis, plus many permanent books, paperbacks, videotapes, magazines, and other materials. Users may also request books by telephone, fax or email which is then delivered to the local library branch.

Public Access Computers are available (those under the age of 18 need parental/guardian consent to use).

For more information contact (306) 648-3177 or visit

Le Lien  |  308 1st Avenue East

This French resource centre is located adjacent to the Collège Mathieu. The goal of Le Lien ("The Link", in English) is to make French-language cultural and teaching resources available to Saskatchewan's Francophone schools, cultural institutions and individuals.

Le Lien is open to:

Le Lien carries all of the following french materials including books, teaching aids, weekly newspapers, music (records, cassettes, compact discs), videos (educational and popular, full-length movies), preschool materials, multimedia and audiovisual equipment and much more. They have also established partnerships with Canada's National Film Board and CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency), thus providing local residents with access to these organizations' vast collections of French-language videocassettes.

For more information contact (306) 648-2240 or visit www.lelien.ca.

Community Radio Station

CFRG 93.1 FM

Gravelbourg's Community Radio Station CFRG 93.1 FM broadcasts an interesting variety of music such as Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Classical, Traditional French Canadian, International, Jazz and Country as well as various live radio shows, local news and event listings and advertising for local businesses.

CFRG 93.1 FM must respect specific regulations requested by CRTC to include that 65% of the musical content has to be in the French language, 25% can be in English and the remaining 10% in other languages.

For more information contact (306) 648-2374.