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Press Releases | 2008

MARCH 27TH, 2008
Mustard Capital Inc. – 2008 Outstanding Economic Development Initiative

Mustard Capital Inc. CEO Tom Halpenny and Louis StringerGravelbourg, Saskatchewan – Mustard Capital Inc., of Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan is the 2008 winner of the Saskatchewan Economic Development Associations’ Award of Excellence for ‘Outstanding Economic Development Initiative’. This award is presented annually to an agency that has successfully advanced the community, regional or provincial economy through an economic development initiative.

Mustard Capital Inc. (MCI) is a self-sufficient company operating in the heart of the world's leading mustard production area. "As a dry mustard milling facility that provides processed, high quality yellow, oriental and brown mustard ingredients to customers around the world it is a natural fit for the agricultural community of Gravelbourg and the surrounding area," said Tom Halpenny, CEO of Mustard Capital Inc.

Dale Botting and Toos Giesen-StefiukMustard Capital Inc. was spearheaded by the Gravelbourg Economic Development Committee nearly seven years ago. Hard work and dedication by staff, community minded volunteers and technical experts has resulted in a successful business that will benefit the community and region for generations to come. "Financial contributions from the Red Coat REDA, ACAAFS, the Town of Gravelbourg, community members, private investors, shareholders and various government agencies ensured the project's success," said Louis Stinger, Gravelbourg Economic Development Committee member.

Stringer adds, "Job creation, investment attraction, business development, and community pride are only the beginning of the list of benefits that this project has created for the community." The development of MCI has enabled a large shop area that was once empty to be re-commissioned for use, and unused office space on Main Street to be filled. "As the company continues to grow new buildings and infrastructure will be developed which will further benefit the community and region. As markets evolve and change, various revenue streams are developed and new products are considered. This has and will continue to result in spin-off opportunities for the community and region at large," concluded Halpenny.

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Southwest Saskatchewan residents benefit from revitalized recreational facilities

Yogi Hugabert, MLA; Mayor Fernard Bouvier; David Anderson, MPGravelbourg, Saskatchewan – The residents of Maple Creek, Gravelbourg, Herbert and Old Post will benefit from revitalized recreational facilities thank to a joint investment of more than $411,000 from the federal and provincial governments provided through the Canada-Saskatchewan Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund (MRIF)...

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Maple Creek and Area Infrastructure Projects - Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund (MRIF)

The Town of Gravelbourg will install energy efficient heating and air conditioning systems to reduce operating costs, carbon based fuel and greenhouse gas emissions. Low E insulation packs will be installed in conjunction with a sufficient dehumidification system to reduce daily electrical demand. The Town will also replace outdated boilers with multi-stage high efficiency boilers combined with heat recovery systems from ice plants....

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