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Summer Solstice Festival

Summer Solstice FestivalCulture, heritage and spirituality blend at the annual Summer Solstice Festival. This inclusive cultural event builds on the role of Summer Solstice over the past hundreds of years and reinforces the spirit of southern Saskatchewan. We invite visitors to experience a ‘celebration of the sol’ with a diverse weekend of musical, literary and performing arts programming.

Summer Solstice Festival
Ancient cultures had a definite religious and life sustaining need for marking the ‘solstitium’ (Latin for ‘sun stands still’). Many of these cultures were agricultural in nature and their life depended on a long growing season. Without a sure marker of when the season had begun, they could miss days or even weeks in the growing cycle. Many traditional ‘solstice’ customs were related to health and fertility for fields. Solstice was also celebrated in cities and towns with parades, pageants, plays and festivals in the market place, the town green and in the forests.

Summer Solstice FestivalMidsummer is the moment when the warmth and beauty of the year are at their height as the sun reaches the highest point of its arc in the sky. The ‘longest day of the year’ is a time in which the humming fullness of summer seems endless. "The rippling transition into the warmth of the year has passed and the cooling winds of autumn are yet to be." It's a time to celebrate Mother Earth and all nature in its' glory. It is a great time for health, love, and purification. Fill your darkness with light. It is a time of abundance.

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